YogaBall Free Mini-Course

Why and How to Use the Original YogaBall

Are you suffering from tension in your upper back and shoulders? Do you have poor circulation and a limited range of motion? 

There are lots of different reasons why muscles tighten up and cause trigger points. This course includes detailed video instructions on how to massage your body. You will learn how and why to use two YogaBall simultaneously along the spine.  

The course of action, how do you do it? 

When you roll or use pressure with YogaBall the muscle and surrounding tissue, myofascial, softens and tension is released. Simply follow along and do different exercises. Circulation, body temperature, and the flow of energy will increase immediately.

How will you feel after taking this course?

You will feel warm and much more alive. It is a great warm-up before any other activities. You will also feel relieved after massaging your tense spots. Important to drink lots of water to aid the body in flushing away released toxins.

YogaBall Free Mini-Course


More flow equals better bodily function. Increasing the flow of energy will naturally loosen up tension and make you feel more alive. Massage increases circulation and softens tight muscles. It is my experience, as a therapeutic yoga teacher working with clients on an individual basis, that using YogaBall is the fastest, most efficient and fun way to warm up the body. As the founder of The Original YogaBall, I can confidently say that I provide a proven and much loved solution to tension release.

Free Mini-Course


Instructor & Founder

of The Original YogaBall

Yoga Professional

Anna Goransson

I first started to practice yoga in the year 2000 longing to get back in shape. I had no idea that yoga was an ancient system with its purpose to eliminate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual suffering. All I knew was that it left me feeling great, instantly! Through the years of practicing and studying yoga, I discovered that there are some fundamentals of the human body that most of us were never taught. I have met over a thousand yoga students in my studios over the years and we have together addressed their most common questions. I would like to save you the time and trouble by sharing these discoveries through my teachings. I promise you that with your passion and my know-how you will gain an understanding of yourself, your body and the philosophy of yoga. This will leave you confident to attend and enjoy any yoga class in the world. Namaste, Anna If you have any questions, please send them over to

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